New Over 55’s Open Match Copy

New Over 55’s Open Match Copy


1st place Paul Walsh, peg 11 Goose, weight 33 lb 4 oz, Barlows

2nd place Ken Mannering, peg 17 Goose, weight 26 lb 15 oz, Wych Anglers

3rd place Maurice German, peg 16 Goose, weight 21 lb 14 oz, Old Hough

4th place Brian Salt, peg 20 Boulders, weight 21 lb 9 oz, Old Hough

5th place George Ives Keeler, weight 16 lb 6 oz, Old Hough

6th place Dale Richardson, peg 2 Goose, weight 15 lb 15 oz, Old Hough

Paul fished worm and caster for a mixed bag of Ide, Skimmer, Tench and Carp to 1 1/2 lb

Location: Boulders and Goose
Date: 31st May 2017
Duration: 1 Day