New Over 55’s Open Match

New Over 55’s Open Match


1st Place Mike Mannion, Peg 14 Lucky Dip , Weight 58 lb 1 oz,  Olly Motors

2nd Place, Les Hobson, Peg 12 Prospect, Weight 54 lb 10 oz,  Match Fishing

3rd Place Dave Olly, Peg 1 Lucky Dip, Weight 36 lb 6 oz,  Olly Motors

4th Place Ray Rigby, Peg 3 Prospect, Weight 33 lb,  Widnes Angling

5th Place Gordon Pemberton, Peg 16 Prospect, Weight 32 lb 6 oz,  Leigh Tackle and Bait

6th Place Tony Harrop, Peg 5 Prospect, Weight 31 lb 10 oz,  St Georges Club

mike fished meat at 6 m to catch Stockers and Mirrors to 3 lb

Location: Prospect and Lucky Dip
Date: 26th April 2017
Duration: 1 Day