New Over 55’s Open Match

New Over 55’s Open Match


1st Place Ray Rigby, Peg 23, Weight 50 lb,  Widness Angling Centre

2nd Place Dave Olly, Peg 3, Weight 33 lb 6 oz,  Olly Motors

3rd Place Kevin Twigg, Peg 1, Weight 31 lb,  Edgeley Sports

4th Place Gordon Memberton, Peg 15, Weight 23 lb 5 oz,  Leigh Tackle and Bait

5th Place Ken Power, Peg 4, Weight 20 lb 8 oz,  Tri-Cast

6th Place George Ives-Keeler, Peg 12, Weight 19 lb 8 oz,  Old Hough


Ray caught on meat at 6m and casters down the margin for Carp, Ide, and Skimmers

Location: Upper Benbo
Date: 19th April 2017
Duration: 1 Day