Old Hough Charity Match In Aid Of The Christie Charity £1808.88 Raised

Old Hough Charity Match In Aid Of The Christie Charity £1808.88 Raised


A big thank you to every one that fished the match at weekend it was a fantastic success raising £1808.88 for the Christie Charity

1st place Joe Cartwright, peg 4 Upper Benbo, weight 132 lb 12 oz, Maver N/W

2nd place Mike Rowlands, peg 1 Upper Benbo, weight 102 lb 11 oz, R W Floats

3rd place Alex Hulme, peg 9 Lower Benbo, weight 99 lb 13 oz, Maver Midlands

4th place Mark Davies, peg 9 Upper Benbo, weight 93 lb 9 oz, Lymm A.C

5th place Simon Symcox, peg 18 Lower Benbo, weight 86 lb 12 oz, Old Hough

6th place Stu Conroy, peg 20 Boulders, weight 82 lb 14 oz, Kamasan/Drennan

Joe fished pellets across for Carp to 5 lb

Lucky Dip

1st place Kev Turvey 43 lb 2 oz

1st section Ste Conroy 42 lb 11 oz

2nd section K Oliver 41 lb 12 oz


1st place Andy Dyson 74 lb 6 oz

1st section Andy Caine 40 lb 2 oz

2nd section Pete Mercer 47 lb 10 oz

Big Max

1st place Tony Warrall 81 lb 10 oz

1st section Bobby Tomkinson 49 lb 4 oz

2nd section M Williams 75 lb

Lower Benbo

1st place Alex Hulme 99 lb 13 oz

1st section Lewis Breeze 81 lb 4 oz

2nd section Simon Symcox 86 lb 12 oz

Upper Benbo

1st place Joe Cartwright 132 lb 12 oz

1st section Mike Rowlands 102 lb 11 oz

2nd section Matt Roberts 79 lb 12 oz


1st place Paul Gibson 69 lb 12 oz

1st section Ste O’Neil 43 lb 1 oz

2nd section Simon Foster 42 lb 11 oz


1st place Stu Conroy 82 lb 14 oz

1st section Gareth Gibbons 67 lb 10 oz

2nd section Andy Dunn 48 lb 2 oz

Lucky Weight went to S Wilson, Prospect 14, weight 30 lb 13 oz


Location: All Match Lakes
Date: 23rd September 2017
Duration: 1 Day