Old Hough Open Match

Old Hough Open Match


1st place Pete Johnson, peg 2 Prospect, weight 85 lb, Edgeley Sports

2nd place Ciaran McAndrew, peg 7 Lucky Dip, weight 79 lb 4 oz, Old Hough

3rd place Ian Mellor, peg 5 Prospect, weight 63 lb 11 oz, Crewe Match Anglers

4th place Ian Askew, peg 14 Lucky Dip, weight 62 lb 3 oz, Edgeley Sports

5th place Dave Lomas, peg 10 Prospect, weight 49 lb 3 oz, Crewe Match Anglers

6th place Barry Bates, peg 4 Lucky Dip, weight 42 lb 7 oz, Old Hough

Pete fished corn across and down the margins for Carp, Barbel and Skimmers

Location: Prospect & Lucky Dip
Date: 24th August 2017
Duration: 1 Day