Old Hough Open Match Copy

Old Hough Open Match Copy


1st place Wayne Tomkinson, peg 18 Big Max, weight 90 lb 3 oz, Crewe Match Anglers

2nd place Ian Askew, peg 2 Lower Benbo, weight 86 lb 13 oz, Edgeley Sports

3rd place Lewis Breeze, peg 32 Big Max, weight 55 lb 9 oz, Drennan N/W

4th place Mal Dawes, peg 7 Big Max, weight 41 lb 6 oz, Airbus

5th place Bobby Tomkinson, peg 5 Lower Benbo, weight 39 lb 2 oz, Crewe Match Anglers

6th place Gareth Gibbons, peg 30 Big Max, weight 38 lb 15 oz, Cresta Gamakatsu

Wayne fished the method feeder tight across for F1’s and Carp to 7 lb

Location: Big Max and Lower Benbo 18 Fished
Date: 12th October 2017
Duration: 1 Day