Old Hough Open Match

Old Hough Open Match


1st Place Dave Holman, Peg 5, Weight 60 lb 8 oz, Wyche Anglers

2nd Place Jamie Taylor, Peg 7, Weight 42 lb 6 oz, Crewe Match Anglers

3rd Place Roger Peet, Peg 22, Weight 33 lb 8 oz, Richmonds

4th Place Les Hobson, Peg 19, Weight 32 lb 6 oz, Match Fishing

5th Place Dale Richardson, Peg 1, Weight 31 lb 9 z  Old Hough

6th Place Mike Litherland, Peg 13, Weight 30 lb 9 oz, Old Hough

Dave fished bomb, pellet and meat down the margins for Carp to 7 lb

Location: Upper Benbo
Date: 27th April 2017
Duration: 1 Day