Old Hough Open Match

Old Hough Open Match


1st place Andy Dyson, peg 3 Lucky Dip, weight 70 lb 13 oz, Maver Midlands

2nd place Steve O’Neil, peg 13 Lucky Dip, weight 43 lb 14 oz, Crewe Match Anglers

3rd place Dave Holland Jnr, peg 15 Prospect, weight 41 lb 8 oz, Tri-cast

4th place Ashley, peg 5 Prospect, weight 34 lb 10 oz, Old Hough

5th place Ryan Searle, peg 16 Lucky Dip, weight 32 lb 8 oz, Oldham

6th place Pete Johnson, peg 7 Lucky Dip, weight 32 lb 4 oz, Edgeley Sports

Andy fished pellet shallow at 14-16 m for Carp to 6 lb

Location: Lucky Dip and Prospect
Date: 30th May 2017
Duration: 1 Day