Old Hough Open Match

Old Hough Open Match


1st place Matt Goulding, peg 32 Big Max, weight 77 lb 8 oz, Matrix LTB

2nd place Steve Butler, peg 4 Big Max, weight 76 lb 3 oz, Ted Carter Southport

3rd place Carl Day, peg 6 Upper Benbo, weight 65 lb 3 oz, Matrix

4th place Adam Martin, peg 12 Upper Benbo, weight 63 lb 11 oz, Edgeley Sport

5th place Chris Taylor, peg 1 Upper Benbo, weight 59 lb 15 oz, Crewe

6th place Dave Pimlott, peg 3 Upper Benbo, weight 52 lb 7 oz, Garbolino Elton

Matt fished at 14 m on the pole to catch F1’s and Carp to 4 lb

Location: Upper Benbo, Lower Benbo and Big Max
Date: 17th June 2017
Duration: 1 Day