Old Hough Open Match

Old Hough Open Match


1st place Mike Anderson, peg 20 Big Max, weight 140 lb 4 oz, Edgeley Sports

2nd place Dave Booth, peg 4 Big Max, weight 81 lb 10 oz, Smith’s Bait and Tackle

3rd place Ashton Hopkins, peg 11 Upper Benbo, weight 60 lb 7 oz, Edgerton A.C

4th place Pete Johnson, peg 18 Upper Benbo, weight 59 lb, Edgeley Sports

5th place Alan Jones, peg 24 Upper Benbo, weight 55 lb 6 oz, Old Hough

6th place Roger Peet, peg 32 Big Max, weight 55 lb 4 oz, Old Hough

Mike fished pellets at 14 m to catch F1’s and Carp to 5 lb

Location: Upper Benbo and Big Max
Date: 13th June 2017
Duration: 1 Day