Old Hough Open Match

Old Hough Open Match


1st Place Lewis Breeze, Peg 6 Upper Benbo, Weight 137 lb 2 oz  Drennan N/W

2nd Place Adam Martin, Peg 10 Upper Benbo, Weight 100 lb  Edgerley Sports

3rd Place Darren Oliver, Peg 3 Upper Benbo, Weight 92 lb 13 oz  Crewe Match Anglers

4th Place Mike Rogerson, Peg 4 Upper Benbo, Weight 83 lb 12 oz  Preston/Ashton Angling

5th Place Simon Holmes, Peg 7 Lower Benbo, Weight 69 lb 8 oz  Edgeley Sports

Joint 6th, Mike Anderson, Peg 23 Lower Benbo, Weight 65 lb 15 oz  Edgeley Sports

Joint 6th, Steve Butler, Peg 19 Upper Benbo, Weight 65 lb 15 oz  Ted Carter

Lewis Fished pellets across and meat short Carp to 8lb

36 Fished

Location: Upper Benbo, Lower Benbo and Boulders
Date: 29th April 2017
Duration: 1 Day