Open Match

Open Match


1st Place Micky Rogerson, Peg 16 Lower Benbo, Weight 68 lb 1 oz,  Preston Innovation/Aston Angling

2nd Place Paul Jones, Peg 11 Upper Benbo, Weight 60 lb 6 oz, St Helens Tackle and Bait

3rd Place Matt Roberts, Peg 17 Upper Benbo, Weight 55 lb 12 oz, Old Hough

4th Place Lewis Breeze, Peg 14 Lucky Dip, Weight 54 lb 9oz, Drennan N/W

5th Place Chris Taylor, Peg 2 Upper Benbo, Weight 54 lb, Crewe

6th Place Brian Jones, Peg 9 Lower Benbo, Weight 48 lb 10 oz, Tackle Saver

Location: Upper Benbo, Lower Benbo and Lucky Dip
Date: 14th April 2017
Duration: 1 Day