Open Match

Open Match


1st Place Kevin Tuvey, Peg 13, Weight 36 lb 5 oz  Smiths Tackle and Bait

2nd Place Vic Trees, Peg 5, Weight 29 lb 6 oz  Ashton Angling

3rd Place Peter Johnson, Peg 22, Weight 28 lb 1 oz  Edgeley Sports

4th Place Brian Morris, Peg 18, Weight 27 lb 3 oz  Edgerly Sports

5th Place Ian Askew, Peg 10, Weight 22 lb 3 oz  Edgeley Sports

6th Place Ken Mainwaring, Peg 27, Weight 20 lb 2 oz


F1’s and Skimmers on the Banjo feeder

Location: Big Max
Date: 13th April 2017
Duration: 1 Day