Lakeside Open Match

Lakeside Open Match


1st Place Peter Woodrow, Peg 1 Big Max, Weight 79 lb 13 oz

2nd Place Bob Butterworth, Peg 2 Big Max, Weight 69 lb

3rd Place Kevin Brooks, Peg 14 Lucky Dip, Weight 63 lb 11 oz

4th Place Ricky Tree, Peg 16 Lucky Dip, Weight 57 lb 4 oz

5th Place Dave Holland, Peg 4 Lucky Dip, Weight 57 lb

6th Place Steve Butler, Peg ? Big Max, Weight 52 lb 10 oz

24 fished Big Max and 6 fished Lucky Dip

F1’s Down the margin


Location: Big Max and Luck Dip
Date: 9th April 2017
Duration: 1 Day