Over 55’s Open Match Copy

Over 55’s Open Match Copy


1st place Dave Lomas, peg 19, weight 56 lb 5 oz, Wyche Anglers

2nd place Ian Reade, peg 28, weight 52 lb 6 oz, Hazel Grove A.C

3rd place Wayne Tomkinson, peg 22, weight 42 lb 6 oz, Crewe

4th place Dave Booth, peg 13, weight 42 lb 5 oz, Smiths Tackle and Bait

5th place Roy Maddock, peg 7, weight 41 lb 5 oz, Dave’s of Middlewich

6th place Bob Kwan, peg 32, weight 40 lb 3 oz, Barlows Angling

Dave fished the method feeder for Carp and F1’s to 4 lb

Location: Big Max
Date: 20th September 2017
Duration: 1 Day