Over 55’s Open Match

Over 55’s Open Match


1st place Pete Johnson, peg 4, weight 73 lb 11 oz, Edgeley Sports

2nd place Dave Holman, peg 21, weight 70 lb 15 oz, Wyche Anglers

3rd place Neil Jellis, peg 19, weight 64 lb 12 oz, Sith’s Bait and Tackle

4th place Ken Mainwaring, peg 27, weight 63 lb 11 oz, Wyche Anglers

5th place Barry Jennions, peg 13, weight 58 lb 10 oz, Old Hough

6th place Ian Reade, peg 32, weight 52 lb 2 oz, Hazel Grove A.C

Pete fished pellets at 14m and corn down the margins for F1’s and Carp to 5 lb

Location: Big Max
Date: 9th August 2017
Duration: 1 Day