General Rules

The Café and shop are currently closed (pellets and ground bait are on sale outside) 

Fisherman must book in before starting to fish and be in possession of an EA Rod Licence.
Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and not left unsupervised.
Visitor’s dogs are not allowed on the fishery.
Vehicles/cycles must be left on the car parks (not on the grass) and are left entirely at your own risk
The management will not be held responsible for loss of tackle, personal injury or damage to cars.
Fishing is only allowed off pegs provided.
No stoves, no cooking, no bad language.
Radios can only be used with earpieces.
Toilets are provided. Please use them rather than fouling the environment.
All litter must be taken home.
A fisherman will be held responsible for any litter on/near his peg unless he has notified the management of previous abuse.
No fish may be taken from the fishery or to be brought to the fishery (dead or alive).
Anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted.
Any accident or injury that takes place on the fishery must be reported to a member of staff and logged in the Accident Book.
Anyone breaking these rules will be made to leave without any refund.


Fishing Rules – to safeguard the health of the fish and the quality of the waters:

Barbless hooks only, max size 10. Note: a barbed hook with the barb ‘pinched in’ is not allowed.
No braided lines, braided hook lengths or fixed leads and all feeders, whether swim or method, must be free running.
All nets must be dry before use and left of the bank until 10 minutes before the all in if fishing a match.
All fish (regardless of size) must be landed using a landing net. An unhooking mat must also be used for large fish.
All fish should be handled with care and returned to the water immediately.
Keepnets are only allowed during matches with a maximum of 50 lbs per net.
Anglers can use their preferred soft hooker pellet but any hook bait must be used at a sensible level.
Baits banned are luncheon meat, trout pellets, halibut/marine pellets (COARSE PELLETS ARE ALLOWED), boilies, peanuts, tigernuts, chick peas, tares, pet food, bloodworms, jokers and surface floating baits of any description.
All litter, including cigarette ends, must be taken away.
Groundbait can only be used in method feeders, cage feeders or pole cups up to a maximum of 2kg.
Any unused bait should be taken away, not dumped in the pool.
Anyone breaking these rules will be made to leave immediately without any refund.

Notice to anglers, we now operate a dry net policy, this means that all keepnets, landing nets, mats and slings must be dry on arrival.

Anyone anglers found with damp nets will be asked to go to one of our disinfection points before being allowed to fish.

All match anglers must have their nets checked by a member of staff before going to your peg.

Special Rules for West Sooty, our Specimen Lake.

Single barbless hooks only, MAXIMUM SIZE 6, (no micro barbed, bent or long-shanked curved).
No wire traces, lead core or braided line (Braided/Dacron hook lengths are allowed) No shock leaders.
All leads must be free-running and able to break free should a fish become snagged (approved safety rigs are allowed).
No spinning.
No live or dead baits, no nuts of any description, no pet food and no artificial baits.
Only BRANDED BOILIES (Mainline, Nash, Dynamite, Impulse, SAE, Sonubaits, Marukyu, Mad Baits etc) are allowed.
Each angler must carry a large unhooking mat and a large landing net (36 inch minimum). Please note: sharing these is not allowed.
Each angler must also carry KLINIK Carp Care Antiseptic (or similar).
All nets and unhooking mats to be bone-dry before use.
No keep nets or sacks.
Rod(s) must not be left unattended.


Match Rules 

No Floating Baits (wafters can be used but must be fished under the surface).
No pole cups over the water until the all in.
Only one rod and line in the water at anyone time, no feeding with the pole whilst fishing the rod.
No Meat of many description (please note other banned baits under previous rules above.
2 kilo groundbait limit.
6 pints limit.
Maximum hook size 12 (barbless only)
No Braid.
Free running feeder rigs  and bombs only(no knots, stops above the feeder) no elasicated feeders or bombs
50lbs net limit and two must be submerged at the start of the match. If three nets are used and fish spread out evenly, all fish will be weighed.
Angler are allowed the fish half way between you and the next angler. If every other peg is being used used are allowed to the nearest platform leg.
Nets must not be submerged until 15 minutes before the all in and should be placed on the bank to dry, when you arrive at your peg.
Gardening is allowed but you can only trim above the water line. if vegetation is cut above the water line you must remove it from the lake. Strictly no digging or pulling reeds out.

All general rules still apply