2018/2019 Winter League Teams of 4

 Dates and current league table

4th November, 2nd December, 6th January, 3rd February, 17th February

Pos Team Name Points and weights per week Total points Total weights
Wk 1 Weight Wk 2 Weight Wk 3 Weight Wk 4 Weight Wk 5 Weight
1st Matrix Bait Tech Red 15 150lbs 12oz 15 150lbs 12oz
2nd Marchstream Red 16 160lbs 10oz 16 160lbs 10oz
3rd Limehurst A 16 142lbs 03oz 16 142lbs 03oz
4th Old Hough Black 17 135lbs 12oz 17 135lbs 12oz
5th Micks Marauders 18 157lbs 06oz 18 157lbs 06oz
6th Marchstream Blue 19 129lbs 08oz 19 129lbs 08oz
7th Old Hough Red 22 105lbs 02oz 22 105lbs 02oz
8th Matrix Bait Tech Blue 27 101lbs 12oz 27 101lbs 12oz
9th Limehurst B 29 84lbs 030oz 29 84lbs 030oz